Crows Feet:

September 08, 2020 3 min read

Crows Feet:

Let me start here. There is NOTHING wrong with crows feet, but there is also nothing wrong with nourishing and feeding your skin!
Crows feet, the fine lines etched in the corners of the eyes, known by many men and women as smile lines and laugh lines. These are hard won, many say with some pride. People often love them and hate them simultaneously, as around our eyes is the first place we usually start to “age”.

What Causes Crows Feet?
There is actually a single reason with many causes as to why these little lines grace the corners of so many of our eyes. The reason is, as we age, our bodies begin to make less elastin (the stretch) and collagen (the plumpness). These are the “ingredients” that help skin keep its youthful form and tight and bright nature. As these become depleted in our skin cells, our skin naturally begins to sag and wrinkle and look less youthful. Did you know that on average we blink 20,000 times per day? Why is this important you ask? Because when we blink the very same area, at the edges of our eyes, crinkles up. This constant movement puts extra stress on the very delicate skin surrounding our eyes! If I were to break it down into a couple of key reason why crows feet occur and deepen over time it would be these:
  1. UV exposure!! Wear Sunscreen
  2. Loss of Collagen
  3. Loss of Elastin
  4. Genetics (of course!)

Countering the Effects of Crows Feet:
First and foremost, always wear sunscreen on your face. My recommendation is SPF 30, this will help fight off many signs of early aging that are directly related UV damage. There are also a number of ingredients, found in a wide array of products, that are known to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is known as a powerful antioxidant. It helps combat free radicals and heal past damage from the sun, while protecting from further future damage. This can also help stimulate the production of collagen around the eyes. As the structure of the skin heals, so does the smoothness and texture. Our Vitamin C Serum is formulated to do just this kind of work!

Hyaluronic Acid:
Hyaluronic Acid, plumps up each of the cells. How does it do this you ask?! Well, HA can hold up to 500 times its own weight in water, it enters the skin cell and hydrates it from the inside out. When our cells are plumped up, it naturally helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles. To try our Hyaluronic Acid Serum, click here.

Retinol (Vitamin A):
Retinol is a pro when it comes to the production of collagen. Plain and simple this single ingredient tested with time, is one of the most beneficial ingredients in replenishing skin tone and texture. Try our Retinol Serum, but be sure to take before and afters. And remember, we LOVE seeing your results!

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3):
This is an understated vitamin, in our humble opinion. It is rarely center stage in facial care products and we can’t quite figure out why. On a whole Niacinamide helps reduce pore visibility, even tightening lax pores. It improves uneven skin tone, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles by strengthening the weakened surface and creates vibrancy and that sought after youthful glow.

Electro Current Devices:
This next section isn’t for everyone and is different from all of the above mentioned options but still, I believe it is a worth while mention. Microcurrent stimulates the muscles below the surface of the skin and boosts adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cell growth and stimulates collagen development. This option has been used for years to tighten lax skin and give that gentle boost to a skin care regime.

Here at Recherch’e, we hope that you have found this information helpful. As always, we would love to speak with you. Contact us for more information at

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