Why Recherché?

Hillari Ladd Recherche Organics

Recherch’e Organics has a unique history, from the founders background and education to it’s inception in a hospital room in Colorado. But it’s uncommon story does not stop there. Hillari Ladd, the mind behind Recherch’e, has a heart for serving and youth girls. She has dedicated this company to working with young women teaching them about business, work ethic, entrepreneurship, mentorship and so much more. Recherch’e is built upon foundation of lifting up the next generation, teaching them about their unique strengths and fortifying them for the world they are growing up into. “While this unique work force presents it’s own set of challenges,  the lasting and positive attributes made to these girls lives is worth all of the extra time and sometimes heartache that also comes along with a work environment such as we have created.” Says Hillari. “The process’s within our small batch company, make for a great landscape of learning.”  To find out more about this aspect of Recherché Please tune into the Legacy Ladies Podcast.


Recherch’e, a company known for its high standards in product ingredients and earth safe visual appeal, continues to push the boundaries of what a small batch company can look like. Innovative products that cover from head to toe, their formulation team is always testing out new ideas and ways to expand and improve on what is already out in the world. When asked about this, Hillari states, “We desire to be become a company people look to when thinking about clean beauty. We want to be part of educating women on the importance of swapping out old chemical laden products for clean ingredients.” There is much more information about natural ingredients and how and why to use them found throughout our blog posts Beautiful You!



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