Hemp Oil

August 20, 2019 2 min read

Hemp Oil

There is so much hype lately about CBD oil and we are regularly being asked about the use of hemp oil in our body lotion. This will be a quick look at why hemp oil is beneficial for the skin and has many uses apart and aside from it’s infamous cousin CBD oil.

Hemp oil is most often made from a cannabis sativa plant, low in CBD and THC and typically grown for industrial purposes. The oil its self is pressed from the seeds of this plant in a similar manner to how olive oil is extracted from olives. It is important to note that there is no CBD or THC present in the seeds themselves.

Hemp Oil Recherche Organics

Hemp Oil is approximately 80% essential fatty acids. This means that 80% of the oil contains nutrients essential to our body that we cannot produce on our own. This is the highest amount of essential fatty acids found in any plant world over. It is a potent moisturizer that also helps to regulate your skins natural sebum (oil) production and is non pore clogging. It has
anti-inflammatory properties, helps to heal and repair lesions, with its dense nutrient profile hemp oil has been found to prevent tissue damage, including inevitable signs of premature aging. Hemp oil contains a specific amino acid called Gamma linoleic acid, this is a potent figure in the world of preventing and healing psoriasis.

We have found through years of use that hemp oil is light enough for most all occasions it sinks quickly into the skin leaving no greasy feel. It is light enough for summer but packs the nutrients that are able to work with the driest winter conditions. On its own, hemp oil has a nutty and earthy smell, it is a deep green color and has a shelf life of about a year. To try any of our hemp oil body lotions click here and you will be directly linked to our website.

As always we would love to hear of your experiences with our products and answer questions that you might have.

Until Next Time Beauties,
Hillari Ladd

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