Mom On a Mission: Journey through entrepreneurship and motherhood

October 14, 2019 2 min read

Mom On a Mission: Journey through entrepreneurship and motherhood

Mom’s on a Mission: How the road to entrepreneurship made me a better mom and the best version of my self…

Being an entrepreneur is hard, there are endless to do lists, long days, occasionally even longer nights. The coordination of people and things, it’s a continuous balancing act, and the number of hat’s I wear on any given day rivals that of any hat makers hat store. But here’s the thing, this long and winding road has brought out the best in me (and occasionally the worst). It has instilled confidence and know how, leadership skills and the ability to manage people. I have learned to run systems, build micro-communities, and delegate what I cannot or should not be doing. And most importantly it has taught me time management, and commitment to my dreams and ideas.

I have two precious children at home, that require as much time or more than my growing business, they too require long days and occasionally even longer nights from me. These boys remind me of the reason why I dream big dreams and give a purpose to the legacy that I am creating. I was not made to be a stay at home mom solely, and that is ok. I cherish my children at my side, learning from me and my business, but also the autonomy and purpose that I find in my work.

The skills I have cultivated growing Recherché are shaping me into a woman that appreciates even more deeply being at home. These boys get to see their mom in many roles, communicating with many people, leading, making decisions that have much farther reach than only on our small family. They see the exaustion, the failures, and frustration but they also get to stand by my side for the big wins and celebrate. It’s rarely an easy road, but so worth while. We teach best by example, and a child seeing the full spectrum of what it takes to build a company and follow a dream will have so many take aways from the experience.

I wear a lot of hats, but my favorite to wear is mama.

Want to know more about about Recherch’es mission? Here’s a quick vlog explaining a little bit more about my self and our social entrepreneurial mission. 

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