Natural Ingredients for Your Skin Type

July 29, 2021 2 min read

Natural Ingredients for Your Skin Type

This is the third blog post in our series about specific ingredients to help with individual pain points with skin. This is a quick look at what antioxidants are overall best for your skin type and why. We all have vastly different skin, dry in some areas, oily in others. Some prone to acne, or early aging, some of us have dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Below is a quick guide to what might work well for your specific skin care needs. 


Vitamin C- Reduces Redness and fades dark spots, used to brighten and even out over all skin tone. With time it also benefits the skin surface by smoothing out and creating an over all complexion tone. 


Glycolic Acid- Helps unglue dead and pore clogging skin cells, resurfaces skin reducing the appearance of scars and raised bumps. This will need to be used in conjunction with a good moisturizer but will help in the fight against acne. 


Vitamin E- This will help nourish and restore dry and tired skin cells. This is a thicker oil by nature and often found in higher doses in night creams and products that are made to sit on your skin and soak in gradually. 


Niacinimide- Vitamin B 3 helps with sebum (oil) production and regulation on your face. It evens out your bodies natural production, while brightening and evening out overall skin tone. 


COQ10- this inhibits the enzymes that naturally degrade collagen and elastin. In conjunction with products that build back up the bodies natural ability to create collagen and elastin this helps preserve what your body already has. 

While this is a quick peak into a few different skin conditions and what ingredients might help, if you were to choose “just one”.  As always if you have questions or want to chat, please email us or find us on social media and PM or DM us there.

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