Recherch'e in Antarctica???

October 28, 2019 3 min read

Recherch'e in Antarctica???

Two years ago someone came to us proposing the idea to take Recherché Products down to Antarctica for a season. Before the sentence could fully leave their mouth our answer was “Yes”! We know that our products are good for dry and arid climates, after all we are based in MT, but what would we learn if they were used this type of climate, under polar harsh conditions?  As all good things do, this project took some time to get underway, but beauties, the results are in.  Below is her account of using Recherché at the bottom of the world. 

The unique thing about most of Antarctica (except for the more northerly latitudes on the Western Antarctic Peninsula for example, where there is more wildlife on land and vegetation) is that it is often void of smells.  Or, in the case of McMurdo Station, in the summer months it can smell faintly like...dry/dusty dirt (the station is located on Ross Island, which is essentially made up of lava rock and ice/snow)  Therefore, having great smelling lotions and soaps is such a welcome treat and, in my mind, a necessity for morale! 

The air in Antarctica is so ridiculously dry -hence moisturizing is key. I *love* your lotions.  I had the two bottles of the blackberry sage and the grapefruit apricot. Both of them smelled amazing; they were not an overwhelming smell, however, and to me that is why they are so fantastic.  You know how I just mentioned above that Antarctica is often void of smells?  Well, the flip side of that is no one wants to smell super perfume-y, as you’d completely stand out and probably annoy some folks!  So, the fact that your lotions carry a beautiful yet subtle smell was perfect.  In addition, they seem to somehow go on light but also last.  Sometimes with lotions, it seems you put them on and then a short while later your skin feels dry again.  Your lotions really absorb in the skin and create a longer-lasting effect, but did not feel greasy or heavy. 

You had sent me some little sample soaps (coconut lemongrass; oats, milk, and honey; blackberry sage…) that were also really great, as well as some of your beer soap, and I had bought some almond soap (and I think an orchid soap?).  Since the air is so dry, it is battle to keep your skin from drying out.  On top of that, our water is from the ocean (put through reverse osmosis) and our water plant adds sodium carbonate to the water which increases the pH.  They also add chlorine.  I’m not sure how it compares to average municipal city water for example, but when I’m at McMurdo Station I seem to dry out more from showering there...  Thus having good moisturizing soap is helpful.  I actually loved your beer soap the most (my husband liked it too)!  The little bit of exfoliating was a nice balance with it’s moisturizing qualities. 

Finally, I’m shameless about the fact that I love your detailed labelling and packaging (the wax seals are super cool, as are the little ties around the soap boxes).  It’s almost like giving yourself a little gift.  I appreciated that in Antarctica.  It’s not like we don’t have Christmas or give presents (we do!) but the months can get long, the tasking is challenging, and  The Station itself isn't the, so having a little somethin’ fancy is a fun treat. 


With this review our conclusion is as follows:  if Recherché works well in Antarctica, it can work well in most  all climates!  Thank you to the cold polar weather for putting our hydrating effects to the test while highlighting our truth that attention to detail is still important in this fast paced world.

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