The Stress is Real!

December 23, 2019 1 min read

The Stress is Real!

First off, all of us behind the scenes at Recherché want to say Merry Christmas! Thank you for another wonderful year and holiday season. It is such a pleasure to serve each of you in your gift buying adventure and it means so much to us to be even a small part of your gift gathering.

We get it the stress is real this time of year! It can be overwhelming, lonely, chaotic in a season that shouts gratitude, and love and cheer. I, Hillari Ladd, owner of Recherché have a $10.00 bill tucked in my pocket, waiting to see how I can spread just a little bit of cheer this holiday season. My challenge is this:
*carry an extra $10 bill in your pocket too
*when you find the right circumstance, pay for someones coffee in line, do something for someone, else to brighten their day.
*when you do this come on to our IG or FB page look for the post with the same santa as you see in this email and drop us a line about what you did to brighten the day of another person.
*I will write my response under the post as well!

I sincerely hope you participate and share with us the true beauty of this holiday season.

Merry Christmas My Friend,

Hillari Ladd

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