What are Hydrosols?

September 23, 2019 1 min read

What are Hydrosols?

What is a hydrosol? This term is a derivative from the Latin words Hydro meaning water and sol meaning solutions. Hydrosols are the steam distilled water byproduct of the essential oil making process. Sometimes also called floral waters, herbal distillates, hydroflorates, these aromatic waters are filled with all of the water soluble components of the plant being distilled. Highly
therapeutic and filled with beneficial properties, hydrosols contain about 5% essential oil, making them a more mild, but not less efficient form than their counterpart pure essential oils. What does this mean? It means that these waters are gentle enough for both children and people with immune compromised systems, individuals with sensitive skin and people who want the “whole” distillate.

Artisan Distillation System Hydrosols Recherche Organics

Rose and Neroli Blossom are two hydrosols that have been used as long as essential oils have been around. But the majority of other floral waters are dumped down the drains in manufacturing facilities just as water would be. Only in the last ten years or so, artisan distillers have begun manufacturing these as a co product instead of a bye product, which has launched a whole new industry of products.

Products Made with Hydrosols:
Facial Mists
water based hair care



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