Day Serum+ French Pink Clay Mask + Rose Facial Mist

All products are made in a facility that produces items with almonds and wheat in them. While cross contamination is unlikely, please choose to use our product at your own risk.


This Trio is one of our founders favorites! Each of these three clean beauty superstars is packed with a plethora of nutrient dense ingredients, all working for brighter, tighter, healthier skin. An easy over haul to your beauty cabinet, we recommend getting rid of all of those things you never use and try these 3 simple steps!

  1. Day Firming Serum: Use first thing in the morning after your shower. Apply to clean skin prior to any moisturizer or make up.
  2. Rose and Silk Facial Mist: Use as a make up set or any time as a quick pick me up through out the day. Can also be used directly after your Day Firming Serum has dried.
  3. French Pink Clay Mask: Use this mask once a week to tighten and tone skin, reduce pore visibility, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, pull toxins from face. Also we recommend using the Rose and Silk Facial Mist after every Mask use prior to other moistures.


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