Lavender Vanilla Bean Sea Toner

All products are made in a facility that produces items with almonds and wheat in them. While cross contamination is unlikely, please choose to use our product at your own risk.


Our Lavender Vanilla Bean Facial Sea Toner is filled with the relaxing essence of Lavender and antioxidant properties of vanilla bean hydrosol.  Coupled with nutrient dense blue green algae and sea kelp extracts which aid in decreasing inflammation, firming, toning, strengthening connective tissue, and helping to normalize skin tissue weather one experiences dry or oily skin types.  This is perfect as a before bed night cap for the skin, or as a way to calm down from stressors during the day.

Each facial mist in our Le Lueur Line is made of organic hydrosol floral waters and filled with rich botanical Ingredients. These Products can be used after cleansing and before applying moisturizer, to set make up, or as a quick “pick me up” during the day.


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