5 Quirks About our Founder…

January 27, 2020 2 min read

5 Quirks About our Founder…


Hi, I am Hillari.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am the founder and creator of all things Recherch’e. We are now eight years into this wild ride and when looking back the things that stick out most to me are just how closely a business comes to representing its founder! Here are a few funny facts about my self that have absolutely changed the face of this company. 


This has been a huge factor in business. One that at the onset I didn’t think much of. Have you ever wondered how we got such a crazy hard to pronounce name? Yep, this is the reason! Recherch’e means hard to find, unique beauty. Exactly what we want to portray, but a very difficult name to remember let alone spell. 


If you are at all familiar with Recherch’e you will notice that most of our products are embossed in some way. Perfect examples of these are our bath bombs and Body Soaps.  I tend to swoon over Floral and filigree images. 


If I thought it would work, I would make a company with only floral scented products. I know, I know, many of you are making the “Eeeewww” face right now. And that is precisely why I do not. But among our many scent options you will find a floral holding many of those titles; Acai Magnolia, Bloom, Peony, Black Currant Rose to name a few. 


I love antiques, and as you can imagine from above the more gothic (lined with lace, floral, and filigree, patterns) the better. That is why, among so many of our images you will see antique silver, pearls, lace, and more. Not to mention why most of our products tout our Notorious Red Wax Stamp Seal. 


I love underdog stories, I love helping where I think I can be useful. Recherch’e works with youth and at risk youth girls for precisely this reason. These are the girls who cut the paper, package the product, mix ingredients and help in a vast variety of other ways. All the while learning about business and entrepreneurship and work ethic. This has become a driving force in the WHY of Recherché. 

To learn even more about Recherch'e and the why and how we do things find us on Facebook, Instagram, Subscribe to our blog posts and video blogs on youtube as well. 

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