What are Silk Peptides?

March 09, 2020 2 min read

What are Silk Peptides?


Silk peptides, also known as silk protein, is slowly but surely making its way onto the main stage of the beauty care scene. This protein is broken down by high powered water beating against the cacoons of silk worms. The end result is a fine grained water soluble powder, chemically unaltered, and a composition very similar to our skin and hair. Though it is still relatively unexplored as a modern “marvel” within the twenty-first century, silk amino have long been known by Chinese practitioners for both internal consumption as well as for beauty.



Here’s something interesting: The size of the particles matter! A silk peptide is smaller than that found in a silk powder. This changes it’s water solubility and how deeply it can penetrate the human skin and hair. The deeper it is able to penetrate the greater the therapeutic effect will be. However the larger particle size does wonders for creating the surface, dewy, youthful looking, skin! So it begs, finding products with a variety of silk peptides and proteins are best for the depth of nutrients and surface look of skin. It is here you will find the best of both words. Rejuvenation

Some of the things that one can expect from using products that contain silk peptides are as follows:

*Reduction of fine lines and wrinkle
*Amazingly soft surface texture to skin
*Rejuvenation of skin tone
*Free Radical protection Rejuvenation
*Promotes collagen and elastin production
*Facilitates hair growth and increased shine.
*Dewy fresh and youthful look to skin.



After reading this, are you looking to try products with Silk Aminos and Peptides? Recherch’es Rose water and Silk Toning Facial Mist is a great place to start!
Also keep your eyes open for other products coming onto the scene later this year (2020). We have an amazing under eye cream that we have been diligently working on that contains a variety of silk amino.



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