Using your Products in the Correct Order: How to Layer Skincare

November 11, 2022 2 min read

Using your Products in the Correct Order: How to Layer Skincare

Layering skincare products properly helps us get the most out of our product (and time and money). Did you know there is a certain order in which products should be applied to the face? Think of how oil and water work. They don't mix, right? Likewise, we do not want the water-based products sitting atop the oil-based ones, not able to be absorbed.

Here are two guidelines: 

  • Always apply from water-based to oil-based.
  • Always apply from lightest to heaviest weight product. 

Start with:

1. Your water-based products: Toners or things like micellar waters

2. Then serums; most serums are water-based (and if you are using our serums, all of ours are water-based) Aloe-containing products are almost always water-based as well. 

3. Then move on to your oil-based products: Moisturizers, some serums, and facial oils

This is a great overall guide, but the exact order will depend on your products at hand. You may have to do some label-reading to figure out if your products are water- or oil-based. Remember, within water-based, apply lightest to heaviest, then switch to your oil-based products, applying lightest to heaviest. Allow a few moments between each product for it to absorb. 

Have you ever layered products and had them almost pill off your face? This means you might have applied them in wrong order. Occasionally you'll find some products that simply do not go together because of ingredients. If you feel this, something went wrong, and neither product is going to be absorbed well into the skin.

After skincare products, make certain that you use your SPF (in spring, summer, fall, AND winter!) This is the number-one anti-aging tool that we have at our fingertips. So don't skip it. Then, if you use it, apply your make-up last of all. 

Here's to maximizing all our products and taking the best care of our skin as possible! Have a great weekend. 

- Hillari

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