When Should I Expect to See Results?

October 14, 2022 2 min read

When Should I Expect to See Results?

How long does it take to start seeing results from skincare products?

We live in an instant gratification culture, expecting to make changes in our routines seeing instant results. But as the old adage goes, all things worthwhile take time.

Depending on what changes you make to your skincare routine, it takes, on average, 6 weeks to start seeing improvements. It takes your skin a little time to respond to new products or habits. 6 weeks is also around the amount of time it takes for skin cell turnover.  

It is not uncommon, when starting something new or changing brands, to experience some dryness for a couple weeks as your skin adjusts to new ingredients. This is very normal, so don’t begin to think something is wrong with your skin, or that you are reacting negatively to a new product. Carry on – the results you’re waiting for are right around the corner!

After 3-4 months of constant use and adherence to a new routine, you should be experiencing visible results from your products. This is the reward of consistency.

But what if your products aren’t quite the right fit for your skin? Here are 4 signs that your products are not working for you:

1)    Flare-ups and redness (inflammation)

2)    Clogged pores

3)    Skin texture changes (raised bumps/acne)

4)    Prolonged dryness after 2-4 weeks, depending on product (some ingredients like retinol are drying by nature)

If you are someone who likes a guide and a cheerleader with over a decade in the skincare/beauty care industry, our 1:1 Skincare Coaching is a great way to learn what your skin individually needs. Customizing a program just for you will include exploring the whys and hows of caring for your skin to achieve the results you want.


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~Hillari Ladd, founder & chief formulator

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