Why we choose to hire at risk youth

September 07, 2021 2 min read

Why we choose to hire at risk youth

Many who know Recherch’e well also know our love for hiring youth and “at risk” youth girls. This “great idea” came at the earliest days of envisioning what I wanted Recherch’e to look like and still took a couple years to implement and a couple more to implement well… 

Here’s some things I have learned over the years:

  • It’s hard! But also I can imaging few things as gratifying as working with these girls.
  • It can take a lot longer to “manage a task”. Why because learning how to work, especially if it has not been modeled for you via family and environments, is a bit of an uphill battle
  • We are constantly battling untying self worth with mistakes. Sound familiar? Yep, it happens in the work environment all the time, only we take the time to figure out the why’s.
  • When your hands are busy, your mind can roam and things come out that have “never been talked about before”. There is safety created in this. And with a mentor at a young girls side when things come up, there are often lots of words and sometimes tears as well. 

This is what it means to support Recherch’e. Not only do we have stellar products to promote beauty in every day living, but each sale also helps us to continue in our mission of touching more girls lives. We LOVE it. Slowly we are creating a work force of girls to go out into the world and have work ethics, leadership skills, know a little something about entrepreneurship and what it takes to run a business. So, thank you for your continued support over the years. We literally could not do this important work without you!  A mentor once said to me, “All youth are one poor decision away from being at risk.” This has struck a chord in my heart that continues to plant and water seeds in these young ladies. For they are the next generation of adult women in this world. 

I truly thank you,


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