Looking Back on Summer

September 03, 2022 2 min read

Looking Back on Summer


It’s been a while since I’ve sent you some updates. Here at Recherché, we are crazy busy: so many ideas, so little time. Can you relate? It seems that about the same time each year, our emails lag as we jump headlong into summertime. This year has been no exception.

So to bring you up to speed, here’s a little of what has been filing our days…

Our oldest came home from college; our youngest was on a traveling baseball team that took us away from home most weekends; we checked two new-to-us hot springs off the bucket list (you know I love a good hot springs); we moved our Recherché manufacturing facility and added a small store front; and we took trips to both Nashville and Texas with the kids. As I look at this list, I can hardly believe how much we’ve been on the road.

As we consider how to "work smarter, not harder," as they say, we've taken on some new help! Please welcome Leslie Padgett to our team who will be taking over all things media related. Her job is to make sure I'm communicating everything you need to know about our products and our updates as a company. Leslie is a writer and marketing professional, a mother of two, a lover of books, good food, and good company, and an eternal optimist. You'll be hearing her "voice" through our pages and posts in the coming months. 

To see more of what we are co-creating, make sure you are following us on InstagramFacebook, and yes, we have hopped on the TikTok wagon! You can find us at @rechercheorganics. Stop by and say hello!

~ Hillari Ladd, founder & chief formulator


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