All products are made in a facility that produces items with almonds and wheat in them. While cross contamination is unlikely, please choose to use our product at your own risk.


What makes this such a sought after item? The pomegranate enzyme ferment! These enzymes literally eat away all the dead, old and dull skin. And delivers all the anti aging benefits from the pomegranate at the same time.

We also uses MSM in this formula to help rebuild damaged tissue. Papaya seed oil for more antioxidants and moisture. Organic aloe for skin soothing, pore tightening goodness. Panthenol for deep, real cellular hydration. And lime hydrosol for a just a hint of extra tightening, toning and skin refreshing goodness.

1oz bottle

To use: Apply to clean skin and leave on for 5-30 minutes, depending on your skin's sensitivity and desired results. Gently wash off when ready, and follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer.


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